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Powerful insights create different and meaningful conversations. You get one chance for a great first impression.

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Find competitors you know you can beat. Leverage your prior success and create your Unfair Advantage.

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Accurate, up to date, clean data is critical for success. miEdge removes the noise so you can win.

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Powerful products combined with incredible data = You Win
The most powerful employee benefits prospecting application on the market. The Ultimate Unfair Advantage.
Employers with renewal dates, brokers, carriers, decision makers and information all in one place you cannot find anywhere else.
Explore our seamless integrations with Salesforce Lightning Data, Microsoft Dynamics and many more!

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Prospecting on the go has never been easier. All the power of miEdge now on your mobile phone.

Health Analytics

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Health & Welfare analytics. Broker and carrier stats, marketshare, compensation ratios and much more.

Bulk Data

Enterprise only
miEdge has the unique ability to deliver enterprise wide bulk data customized to meet your needs.

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