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The Four Best Practices to Successful Prospecting

Using miEdge™, up-to-date, trusted business intelligence is critical to prospecting and lead generation strategies. How do you use that information to guarantee successful prospecting?

Prospecting is routinely viewed as an evil task and an incredible time sink by many professionals, but we all know you need to consistently fill the sales funnel with qualified leads to grow revenues. You can troll social media, access old or out of date information venues or hope that customer referrals will keep you afloat. Nothing replaces a trusted source of current business intelligence to find the companies that are ready to hear from you.

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Learn How miEdge Turns a Cold Call Into A Warm Hand-Shake!

Finding the right prospect can be a challenge and always seems to take too much time. Let's face it, prospecting isn't what most of us want to spend our time on, but it is the most important activity required to grow and maintain your business.

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How “miEdge” – Going Hand in Hand – is Transforming the “Insurance Industry”?

CIO Techie Most Trusted Big Data Companies 2019 (page 30-31)
miEdge was founded with a vision to create transparency in the Insurance Industry and leveling the playing field so any motivated Insurance Professional could compete and ultimately experience success based on effort vs access. The company’s tag line – The Ultimate Unfair Advantage – speaks tons about it making a difference and creating an unfair advantage in the marketplace for anyone who uses miEdge applications.

The miEdge mission statement is a three-step process – the first is to provide the best Insurance focused prospecting platforms to the Insurance and Financial Industry for everyone to gain access to the information needed to grow their businesses, find new markets, clients, and manage their current customers; the second is to provide accessible, clean, and accurate information that is updated as close to real-time as possible; and finally the third is unbiased access for every motivated professional, based on an affordable pricing model.

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Zywave acquires miEdge, becomes leading data provider in the industry

Product integration will deliver the insurance industry’s most advanced prospecting and data engine, supporting Zywave’s comprehensive Product Cloud Portfolio

MILWAUKEE – (Dec. 3, 2019) – Zywave, the leading insurtech provider powering agency growth, today announced the acquisition of miEdge™, the premier provider of lead generation, data analytics and prospecting solutions specifically designed for the insurance industryTogether with Zywave’s existing portfolio of applications, the acquisition equips the company with not only the industry’s most robust database offering for prospecting, but also significantly enhances its existing client delivery, analytics and content solutions.    

“The broad reach of data, unmatched filtering options, and year-over-year analysis functionality within miEdge make it like no other data source in the industry,” said Jason Liu, chief executive officer of Zywave. “These features combine to offer the most powerful, precise prospecting tool available to agency owners and brokers, unlocking potential for exponential business growth.”

Zywave will integrate the miEdge solution into the Sales Cloud offering, as well as leverage the data source internally to greatly enhance functionality within a variety of additional content and analytics solutions. The innovative miEdge offering further advances Zywave’s machine learning capabilities and provides an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for navigating multiple data sources that have been cleansed and combined by proprietary business logic, algorithms, and machine learning to provide unrivaled data intelligence.

With the addition of the miEdge solution and its extensive team of data services experts, Zywave will significantly expand its existing data services division. The expanded team will work to further integrate miEdge data into Zywave’s Product Cloud Portfolios. Along with his staff, Mark Smith, founder and CEO of miEdge, will join Zywave in a leadership capacity with an immediate focus on integration operations.

“miEdge believes the future of the insurance industry will be grounded on two foundational principles: data and content,” said Smith. “When we combine miEdge’s data with Zywave’s unparalleled content offering, the result will be transformational. The concept of using data to deliver real-time and relevant content doesn’t exist in this business today, but with our new partnership, it becomes real. Our customers will now have access to broader capabilities, unlocking endless potential for growth.”

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miEdge Prospector launches on the Salesforce AppExchange

Bedford, NH – November 15th, 2019 - miEdge, the premier provider of prospecting data and analytic solutions to the insurance and financial industry, announced today the release of miEdge Prospector.  miEdge Prospector is the 13th Lightning Data app available on the AppExchange. With enhanced integration designed specifically for Salesforce Lightning, miEdge Prospector provides for native prospect search from within Salesforce using the rich insurance profile data provided by miEdge. Finding prospects that you don’t currently have identified is now solved with an innovative “Net Diff” feature that specifically targets prospects that don’t exist in your current Salesforce environment. 

In addition to the new search capability, customers have the ability to append their current Salesforce leads and accounts with insurance focused information from both the miEdge Employee Benefits and Property & Casualty platforms.

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