miEdge receives 2018 Hire Vets Medallion Gold Award

New Boston, NH November 15, 2018 miEdge, the premier provider of prospecting and data solutions for the insurance industry announced they have received the 2018 HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration Award from the U.S. Department of Labor. The Award recognizes leadership in recruiting, employing, and retaining our nation’s veterans.

miEdge joins 239 recipients of the 2018 HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration Award ranging from small businesses and community-based non-profits to leading Fortune 500 companies from 42 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Recipients of the 2018 HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration Award demonstrated a commitment to veteran hiring and retention, and provided veteran-specific resources, leadership programming, dedicated human resources, and compensation and tuition assistance programs.

The HIRE Vets Medallion Program is the only federal-level award for veterans’ employment. Recipients of the 2018 HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration Award were evaluated on several criteria, ranging from veteran hiring and retention to providing veteran-specific resources, leadership programming, dedicated human resources, and compensation and tuition assistance programs.

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miEdge adds Workers Compensation data to Property & Casualty platform

New Boston, NH – October 29, 2018 miEdge, the premier provider of prospecting and data solutions for the insurance industry announced the addition of workers compensation data to its Property & Casualty prospecting application. miEdge subscribers can now search, analyze and export many P&C data elements including renewal Ex dates, P&C brokers, carriers, and whether an employer is using a PEO.

With over 2 million insurance centric companies and contacts, miEdge Property & Casualty prospecting offers the most comprehensive data for commercial insurance lead generation available inside a single platform. A complete company profile is constructed from over 25 different data sources and cleansed to standardize listings for carrier, broker and PEO to optimize search results and minimize time spent researching prospects, referrals and clients. Insurance professionals will see substantial time savings with the submission intake process since all the key data is readily available inside miEdge.

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miEdge Property & Casualty goes mobile

New Boston, NH, April 13, 2018 -- miEdge, the premier provider of prospecting and data solutions announced the launch of its new app for iOS and Android mobile devices. This addition to the miEdge prospecting and data solutions illustrates the company's initiative in building the most advanced insurance centric, lead generation and prospecting platform available to insurance, financial and property & casualty professionals.

The miEdge mobile app extends the cloud-based Property & Casualty lead generation data to the mobile device, incorporating the same robust search functionality and state of the art search engine technology. miEdge mobile is free to customers and provides mobile enabled search to assess sales leads and access extensive company information, as well as both map and satellite views. Identifying potential prospects within a precise geographic range, such as a specific street address or even an office building. This is a huge competitive advantage and time saver for Property & Casualty professionals.

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miEdge continues impressive growth, opening Portland, OR office

New Boston, NH – February 22nd, 2018 - miEdge has moved into permanent new offices in the U.S. Bancorp Tower, downtown Portland, OR. miEdge, the premier provider of Insurance prospecting solutions, selected the Portland, OR location to offer a West Coast presence and coast to coast support for customers.

“Our growth on the West Coast and our need to support our customers with extended hours is vital. We have secured beautiful offices on the 31st floor of the US Bancorp Tower. Both sales and support will be here in this wonderful and vibrant city.” said Darin Vick, Chief Sales Officer.

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miEdge and SIAA form working relationship

New Boston, NH – February 1st, 2018 - miEdge announced today they are working with the largest national alliance of independent insurance agents in the US, SIAA (Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance). The partnership will provide SIAA independent strategic members with the most advanced Property & Casualty prospecting intelligence in the market today. miEdge is the leader in prospecting and data solutions for Insurance and Financial professionals. SIAA is the largest national alliance of independent insurance agents and has signed over 6,700 member agencies since its origin in 1995 through 49 master agencies across the continental United States.

The combined resources of the companies create a robust platform for sales tools and information that helps agents to accelerate their agency growth. Through the partnership, SIAA independent strategic members (ISMs) benefit from a complete prospecting & lead generation platform of property & casualty data. The miEdge solutions provide accurate real-time information including employer identification, size, geographic location with rooftop and street view, broker and carrier information, flood/earthquake/crime and other hazard data, OSHA inspections and violations and many other critically important metrics for targeted prospecting.

“We are proud to partner with the largest network of independent insurance agencies in the country. We have long been focused on supporting the independent agency system with prospecting data and tools that can give them as much of an advantage as possible,” stated Mark J Smith, Founder, and CEO of miEdge.

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miEdge releases Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration with real-time sync

New Boston, NH – January 22nd, 2018 miEdge, the premier provider of prospecting data and analytic solutions to the insurance industry, announced today the completion of its integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This is the most advanced integration by a data prospecting solution to offer Employee Benefits and Property & Casualty professionals connectivity to the Dynamics 365 CRM platform.

The miEdge Dynamics 365 integration allows customers to match and append their lead or account data as well as keep the records updated with the latest data on an ongoing basis.

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miEdge™ adds hazard and crime risk information to Property and Casualty prospecting application

New Boston, NH, December 19th, 2017. miEdge’s revolutionary Property & Casualty prospecting application now includes a brand-new hazard and crime risk panel. Understanding a company’s risk for natural, manmade and crime threats is the most recent enhancement to the miEdge Insurance Property & Casualty prospecting solution.

“miEdge continues to combine disparate data sources into a single cloud-based platform, providing an unmatched combined holistic overview of an employer’s data. Identifying key metrics in the combined data enables miEdge customers to work with prospects from a highly knowledgeable and competitive vantage point. Our customers are able to experience The Ultimate Unfair Advantage that has propelled miEdge to unprecedented growth.” commented Mark Smith, CEO of miEdge.

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M Financial Group Relationship with miEdge™ to Support Member Firms

New Boston, NH—November 9th, 2017, miEdge™, the premier provider of insurance and financial prospecting and data analytic solutions, is pleased to announce a new relationship with M Financial Group.

“Our relationship with miEdge brings another resource to support the diversified businesses of our Member Firms,” said Erik Reynolds, Manager, Corporate Benefits, M Financial Group.

Chris Arcoleo, Vice President National Account Sales, miEdge, comments, “We are very excited to partner with M Financial in delivering the miEdge solutions to M Member Firms. M Financial represents a diverse community of firms that exemplify the true entrepreneurial spirit. We have created several packaged options for each firm from which to choose.”

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miEdge and BenefitScape Forge Strategic Partnership

New Boston, NH – October 5th, 2017 - miEdge announced today a new strategic partnership has been formed with BenefitScape® to help Employee Benefit Consultants and Brokers take advantage of the opportunities created by the compliance requirements their clients are facing. miEdge is the leader in prospecting and data solutions for Insurance and Financial professionals. BenefitScape helps clients navigate the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance and Reporting process and answer questions to help employers meet their ACA obligation to the IRS. BenefitScape, has over 10 years’ experience as a leader in ACA Compliance and Reporting.

The combined resources of the companies create an extensive base of sales tools and information that helps brokers secure and obtain clients. Through the partnership, miEdge brokers will continue to benefit from a comprehensive lead generation and prospecting platform along with exclusive access to the BenefitScape ACA Hotline. BenefitScape will provide a direct and unlimited connection to experienced ACA analysts; who will evaluate employer’s circumstances and provide answers to their questions.

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miEdge 5 Years After Winning NH, TechOut-Mike Cote's Business Editor's Notebook

Five years ago, miEdge™ founder Mark Smith had a fledgling startup with a few employees and a vision for what it could become. Judges for the New Hampshire High Tech Council's first TechOut competition believed in that vision and awarded Smith $50,000 as the first-place winner.

That investment gave Smith some relief with his cash flow and granted him access to a network of advisers who could provide him expertise as he refined a plan to develop data gathering and analysis tools for the insurance industry.

Now, the New Boston company is generating between $4 million and $5 million in revenue, has nearly 20 employees and is primed to double its workforce within the next couple of years. 

"One of the things I learned was that being an entrepreneur is extremely lonely. It's you against the world," said Smith, a long-time veteran of the insurance industry. "What TechOut did was give me almost some brothers that I could go shoulder to shoulder with for advice, support, counseling and ideas."

The 2017 edition of TechOut offers all of that but ups the ante: This year's first-place winner will receive $200,000 in investment funds. The council has extended the application deadline to Oct. 4. (Visit or call 603-935-8951.)

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