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miEdge was founded with a vision to create transparency in the Insurance Industry and leveling the playing field so any motivated Insurance Professional could compete and ultimately experience success based on effort vs access. The company’s tag line – The Ultimate Unfair Advantage – speaks tons about it making a difference and creating an unfair advantage in the marketplace for anyone who uses miEdge applications.

The miEdge mission statement is a three-step process – the first is to provide the best Insurance focused prospecting platforms to the Insurance and Financial Industry for everyone to gain access to the information needed to grow their businesses, find new markets, clients, and manage their current customers; the second is to provide accessible, clean, and accurate information that is updated as close to real-time as possible; and finally the third is unbiased access for every motivated professional, based on an affordable pricing model.

By creating a process to acquire insurance-focused information from multiple, disparate data sources, the company integrates those key metrics into a cloud-based platform. Applying business logic, along with algorithms, machine learning, and data cleansing, miEdge gives its customers unrivaled data intelligence in an easy to use, intuitive interface.

The company has two primary solutions, Employee Benefits (Health & Welfare/Retirement) and Property & Casualty, used as a standalone prospecting platform or seamless integration into customer’s Salesforce or Dynamics CRM.

Launched in January 2012, the company has grown year over year, successfully adding millions of companies, brokers, carriers, plans, commissions, premiums, and other key metrics to its prospecting platforms. miEdge is now catering to over 3 million companies with key insurance decision markers. Adding a complete set of employee benefits data including pension/retirement and its most recently – never seen before – full commercial property & casualty prospecting platform, the company integrates with Salesforce and Dynamics. miEdge is one of only 13 data providers listed on the Salesforce Lightning Data AppExchange page for the newly released miEdge Prospector. The company provides mobile access along with its standard licensing and continues to add additional data sources, providing usable BIG DATA to help its customers effectively gather market intelligence, acquire new clients, and service existing customers.

miEdge greatly reduces the research time needed to analyze key metrics across numerous disparate data sources. Whether it be a Broker or Carrier, they are likely to use data to determine what are the viable prospects, do they fit their target market, what characteristics do they need to know about them and how to position their services or products. There ain’t a better tool on the market other than miEdge that can provide that information at one’s fingertips. miEdge Data is “Insurance” Centric and focused on Headquarters and decision making with Insurance buying as the primary focus. The company’s compliance alerts allow oneself to proactively approach their targets vs being reactive.

miEdge is a data aggregator, pulling key information from disparate sources to provide unrivaled Insurance focused, usable Big Data. Prospecting and research exist on a single, cloud-based platform for Employee Benefits and Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance. A superior desktop and mobile user interface is incorporated into the prospecting platform to condense the learning curve and provide a potential ROI almost immediately. Seamless integrations into the largest CRM’s with one click ceding of data and constant updates to keep that data live and fresh and strategies to optimize the miEdge data to improve prospecting are delivered through on-demand tutorials and customized web sessions at any point during the subscription term.

The addition of relevant public and proprietary data to miEdge’s current robust prospecting platforms will level the playing field and help to make the Healthcare and Insurance Industry transparent and ultimately more competitive. The company’s priority is insurance-focused data, for which it will continue to offer unrivaled prospecting platforms for Insurance focused professionals.

The company’s founder & CEO – Mark Smith – is a former Insurance broker veteran with over 20 years of experience. Former Chief Executive Officer, USI New England, Goldman Sachs Capital Partner Company, Mark is an expert in Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales Management, Property & Casualty, and Employee Benefits. Mark founded miEdge™ with a vision that can provide the insurance industry the ultimate unfair advantage. Mark came to the United States in 1999 and in addition to being an (ACII) Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute in London, UK, he is also a (CIC) Certified Insurance Counselor.

miEdge, being insurance-focused, provides platforms that incorporate disparate data sources into usable tools to understand current markets, trends, who is leading in specific segments, and what competitors are doing. miEdge is the only provider of aggregating and cleansing many disparate data into one application with an insurance centric view of a business and its various characteristics.

An Insurance Carrier requires a certain perspective and insight into Big Data that is relevant to their business models, while a Broker Agency will have different priorities for their producers. Many service providers, wellness vendors and other types of BenTech companies require very specific data sets to find their specific prospects, miEdge has the experience, access, and talent to continue to refine data into usable platforms to meet most professional requirements.

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